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Xander Boggs

vocals, keyboard, guitar

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Zach Gerbi

bass, vocals

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Collin Fitzgerald

lead guitar


Tripp Jones




We are four life-long musicians who have learned to use songwriting as a needed means of self-expression. We're firm believers in the power of creativity and musical collaboration. This band is our way to enjoy music together and share our message with the world in the most sincere way we can. We like to describe ourselves as genre-fluid because our music really runs the gamut and we tend to explore the emotional appeal of many different styles, but our sound typically falls in line with modern alternative rock and indie, drawing inspiration from bands like The Strokes, Vulfpeck, Steely Dan, Magic City Hippies, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Flipturn, etc... Our music is always authentic: we play whatever is fun for us and we write lyrics with genuine emotional impact, which, given the fact that we're all college students, often centers around things like navigating newfound independence and adulthood, childhood nostalgia, pursuing the right path and satisfying expectations/potential, mental health struggles and developing maladaptive behaviors as coping mechanisms for loneliness, and learning to love. If even one person feels the groove or resonates with any of our messages, then we've done our job -- we'll be here to play as long as you'll listen. 

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